Super Famicom Modified Switchless Console Loose (NTSC-J)


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A specially modified Super Famicom consisting of a Control Deck, AC adapter, RGB Scart lead and an official Nintendo controller. This console is fully modified with the very latest Ikari_01 switchless modification board – no switches are added to the consoles, no holes drilled. The display can be changed by holding the reset switch – 50Hz / 60Hz or Passive setting. The region lockout will automatically match the cartridge inserted which means this will play 100% of all Super Nintendo and Super Famicom games. Even Mario RPG, Kirby 3 and Star Ocean! The internal mod board will cycle though the settings and changes the colour of the LED to let you know which setting you are on. The slot has also been widened. Please ensure your TV will play a 60Hz signal before buying this.

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