Make us an offer on these Super Famicom Goodies!

Hey Guys,

Just got our latest shipment over from Japan that included a load of loose Super Famicom carts i’m looking to release into the wild. Open to offers on all carts. To confirm they are unboxed, no manuals.

[li]Gundam Gaiden Knight Monogatar[/li]
[li]Donald Duck – Mahou no Boushi[/li]
[li]Derby Stallion 3[/li]
[li]Super Puyo Puyo 2[/li]
[li]Chrono Trigger[/li]
[li]Dragon Quest VI[/li]
[li]Super Mario World[/li]
[li]Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 96[/li]
[li]Kamai-tachi no Yoru[/li]
[li]Derby Stallion 96[/li]
[li]Super Famicom SF Memory Cartridge Card (Has a power exclusive Derby Stalion 98 flashed on block 1, other 6 blocks are free)[/li]

Alongside those, we do also have 2 Super Famicoms spare, they can be sold virgin or we can install the SwitchlessCIC mod for you for a small extra charge.

Drop us a line at to make an offer

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